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Nurturing healthcare from its roots

We are technologists working with patients,
Doctors & healthcare providers to create a better tomorrow

hCue is a play on the words "Health Quotient", which is a bar that we will challenge ourselves & constantly raise for all of Healthcare.
hCue is a Healthcare platform that is built by Elixir Lab Pte Ltd.

At hCue, our seven core values reflect in everything we do – like the seven notes that form a melody.

While each of us deeply identifies with at least one, our team exemplifies them all. Be it encouraging teamwork, self-improvement, or taking responsibility, all our core values work in tandem to serve one mission: to simplify healthcare.

It takes passion to change the world

It isn't money that makes the world go round – it's passion. That's why passion backs everything we do at hCue. We strive to provide the best healthcare solutions that will change the world. With every successful project, we find ourselves racing closer to our goal.

Tricks don't win games, teams do

Who says bigger is always better? Today, we are just a guppy in a sea of sharks but our edge lies in being an agile and nimble business model. Not only can we take on the giants in the healthcare industry but also sail past them without losing a breath!

Spend every penny like it's your own

Our relationship with our investors is special. We consider them to be family. Not only have they placed their hard-earned money with us, but also their trust. This is why at hCue, we spend every penny as if it were our own.

We want YOU to take the lead

Good ideas can spring from anywhere! The keen and experienced eyes of our team spot potential where few others can. If you have an idea you think will work, share it with us and we’ll back you to the moon. We care about the quality of work, not designations or titles.

The answer to every ‘When?’ is ‘Now!’

Working in the healthcare sector, we feel an added sense of responsibility in tackling the challenges of today. So many hurdles, so little time! At hCue, we dedicate our time to making modern healthcare as quick, easy and adaptable as your Twitter feed.

There's no place for excuses here

The story of hCue has always been similar to that of an underdog – battling the odds and challenging the status quo. We believe that only the weak make excuses while the strong initiate change. Accountability – that's what we're about.

Ditch the email, let's have a heart-to-heart

Emails were cool in 1996 but we've found a better way to connect. It's time to phase out emails and bring back the good ol' heart-to-heart. Don't wait for us to respond to mails – just pick the phone and call us.

"Every step we take at hCue is inspired by these core values"

We believe in

Making the world better

By providing easier access to healthcare to let you focus on important things in life.

Not staying comfortable

By crafting solutions to difficult problems and unanswered questions in healthcare.

Keeping things simple

By designing digital systems that are simple and can be used by anyone.

Staying curious like a child

By questioning and upending the conventional way of doing things.

Chasing dreams together

So that we can help everyone in the team reach where they want to be in life.

Continuous learning

So that we never lose a good idea to complacency and we never stop learning.

Key Management

Vijay Thirumalai

Founder, Finance & Business Development
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Ganesh RVR

Founder, Strategy & Engineering
Linded in

Vijay Krishna V

Founder, Technology & Engineering
Linded in

Dr Venkatakrishna P

CEO, hCue Technologies
Linded in

Mahesh S

Technology Chief
Linded in

Ray Kannan

Technical Advisor

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Venkatesh Ramasamy

VP - Distribution
Linded in

Bagyanath Choodamani

VP - Products & Engineering

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Asir Raja Selvan

Head - Finance & HR and Company Secretary

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We have a very strong advisory board comprised of Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders & Leading Opinon Makers in the healthcare industry.

Know our Advisors

Mr. Hari Bhatia is the Director of Mohan Group, one of the largest real-estate development companies in the country. A keen technologist & entrepreneur, Mr. Bhatia provides timely & valuable guidance for accelerating hCue's growth.

Mr. Hari Bhatia

Thiag is the President of Big Data Insights at DMI, the worlds first end to end mobility company. Thiag provides extensive growth, strategy and platform guidance to hCue among other things.

Mr. Thiag Loganathan

Senthil Ramani (Sen) has over 17 years of experience in Consulting business. Sen is the Managing Director of Accenture's Digital business for the Resources Industries including Oil, Gas/Utilities, Mining, Metals and Utilities/Renewable. Sen advises leading corporations- boards, chief executive leadership on Digital transformation and IOT journeys. Read More

Mr. Senthil Ramani

Mr. Sundaresh is a well known Entrepreneur & change leader with significant worldwide experience in several industries. He is the co-founder of Regen Powertech, one of India's largest wind energy companies and is hCue's first mentor & advisor.

Mr. Sundaresh R

Dr. Sengottuvelu is a veteran of over 10,000 procedures and is a major opinion leader in Indian healthcare. He is one of India's leading interventional Cardiologists, widely recognized for his pioneering work in spearheading several new procedures & technologies.

Dr. G Sengottuvelu

Dr. A.S. Ganesan is the Chancellor of Vinayaka Missions University & the Chairman of Vinayaka Missions Research Foundation. He is a well respected educationalist and believes in social change with education. He is widely known in the fields of medicine, healthcare and health education. He also alleviates healthcare problems with several leading educational & super speciality hospitals.

Dr. A.S. Ganesan

Dr. Alex A Prasad is a leading radiation Oncologist and Chairman of Chennai Cancer Care Hospital. He is the Secretary for Association of Radiation Oncologists of India. He is one of the key advisories for hCue and an early adopter of technology enabled healthcare delivery in the city.

Dr. Alex A Prasad

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